Encouraging and supporting women to find the ingredients to create their own recipe for life transformation and success.

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And no one has to know you’re doing it but yourself.

Let’s manifest a softer life free of the useless struggles you’ve normalized for sometime.

This is where you make a decision to change what success looks like. This is where you decide that it has nothing to do with the credentials on paper. And it has everything to do with what you decide success looks like for yourself. The house you actually want. The relationship you actually desire. The love you actually need. The confidence you’ve been missing.

You know what “success” looks like from the outside. It’s the fancy new job title that pays the bills. It’s the house in the neighborhood that fits your family perfectly. It’s the beautiful child(ren) you have and the smiling photos you took on vacation.

Does this sometimes feel like these are more about the expectations of those around you? Well, it’s not exactly success if you’re not feeling it.

 Life You Love

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But you know what it is void of?
All the unnecessary struggle I had before.

And before you shoot me back with “Come on, Teniqua. That’s easy for you to say.” Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to get here. I struggled through some extremely dangerous and toxic relationships. I struggled through weight gain, and gained again after I had lost it. I struggled working jobs I didn’t love much and for seven years I struggled to be a single mother. I struggled with losing a child due to premature delivery. I struggled through a cancer diagnosis, countless cancer treatments, and moments where I wasn’t sure what my purpose was.

And now I’m here. With a life I love.

Not because it magically happened, but because I did the self-work to build and manifest the life of my dreams.

And I know if I can survive through all my struggles to become the boss of myself, then I know you can too.

No, it’s not void of stress. Nor is it completely empty of sadness. That’s life, love. We’re all going to experience it.

Right now, as you’re reading this, I’m living a softer life.

If you answered yes to either, you’re in the right place. Our “Living the Life I Want Confidence Planner” will help you gain more confidence in planning, executing, and living the life you desire.

Could your confidence use a boost? Do you struggle with tracking your goals, planning your actions steps, executing, tracking your progress, or all the above? 

Living the Life I Want Confidence Planner

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Look, you’re not broken for making these choices. We all fall into moments where we want to transform a piece of ourselves, only to fall back into routines that don’t serve us. The reason why none of these have stuck before is because you haven’t learned what your signature recipe for success is.

That answer? It’s within you. And if you let me, I’ll help you find it. Because creating that recipe and following it will allow you to show up for yourself the way you’ve shown up for everyone and everything else. Actually even better.

You tried the meal plans to eat healthier.

You started an exercise program only to stop



Be The Boss of Your Life By Following Your Recipe for Success

- P. Powers

"Teniqua is an amazing listener... by listening, she without judgment guided me to identify areas for improvement in both my personal and professional life. Together we made a list and plan of action for each item on my list which allowed me to experience relief from feeling overwhelmed and anxious. She offered appropriate constructive criticism, encouragement, motivation, and reassurance. I am grateful for her guided jumpstart toward my goal of being my best self."

Allowed me to experience relief from feeling overwhelmed and anxious.